Automate Queries And Trigger Action

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is getting more and more attention. A lot of people recognize that some of their daily tasks are really not that valuable and just take a lot of time. Using robots can be of great help to eliminate these steps.

Information to action

RPA robot

Business people spend large amounts of time collecting data from their databases or BI environment, process it in Excel and deduct needed action. Typically the end result is to email colleagues to take action. Running queries and compiling Excel sheets can be replaced by the AutoSQL robot.

Using robots to automate data collecting and automatically sending it by mail can be of great help. In some cases, you actually don’t want to receive a daily report, but only when you have to take action.

The reason AutoSQL was created was because of this. The founder worked as a BI consultant and got a request from the finance department. They wanted a report on blocked accounting documents. However, that only occurred once in a couple of weeks. So instead of running the report daily to check for any cases, they would prefer to get an email at the moment a case was found. At that time there was no easy tool available to set this up and AutoSQL was created.

Query, mail and Excel robot

With the AutoSQL robot you can schedule queries on any database, and save the result to the network in Excel, or send it by mail. This can be used to automate your process monitoring.

Several customer have implemented process monitoring automation with the AutoSQL robot. They run daily or hourly queries and receive email triggers when action is needed.

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You don’t need any special authorization on the database itself to do this. Being able to run queries is enough.

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